5 Foods That Causes Belly Fat to Avoid

Belly fat foods to avoid

The worst belly fat foods you’re eating.

Are you struggling with weight loss and belly fat? Have been noticing that you’ve been packing on pounds around the waistline?

It’s likely that you’re eating one of these 5 foods that you absolutely MUST avoid for weight loss and a flat belly.

If you want to lose weight and get a flat tummy, avoid these 5 foods!

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1. Fruit Juice

It sounds so wholesome, doesn’t it? What could be bad about food that conjures up images of orchards in the Sunshine State? 

There are certainly worse drinks out there. But even 100% fruit juice still typically holds 36 grams of sugar, per CUP. For the same amount of sugar, you could eat almost half a dozen donuts in one sitting. 

Fruit juice is especially problematic for belly fat loss due to the type of sugar it contains. It’s usually fructose. It’s linked to the growth of visceral adipose tissue (aka, the flesh donut around your middle). 

Try This Instead: 

Have you ever walked into a spa to see one of those luxurious water coolers with fruit infusing? It’s for good reason. Not only is this combo of water and sliced citrus refreshing, but it’s also good for your tummy. It has a secret belly-fighting weapon: d-limonene. 

As it turns out, citrus peels are loaded with these antioxidants. They are particularly known to expel toxins, as well as…wait for it…stored visceral fat. 

2. Diet Soda

So, all you have to do to lose belly fat is to avoid sugary drinks, right? Not so fast. 

The “lite” and “diet” versions of your favorite beverages raise concerns, too. Some recent studies have shown that those who drink more diet soda tend to have larger waistlines too. 

What’s more, a study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found this stat. In those people who consumed the most diet soda, a higher belly fat % was found. 

The exact reason is still unclear, but scientists have a pretty good hunch already. When you think you’re saving calories somewhere, you may be unconsciously overeating elsewhere. 

Try This Instead: 

White Tea. How about a beverage that doubles as a force field? Per a study from Nutrition & Metabolism, this brew prevents new fat cells from forming. Not only that, but it also helps the body rid itself of stored fat. 

Therefore, even if you overeat, it’s not as detrimental. Extra calories are prevented from sneaking into your storage area like your belly. 

 And, if the idea of a Marvel Hero-Esque tea excites you, check out these fat-melting teas here.

3. Potato Chips

Oh, potato chips…so satisfying. Or…are they? Research conducted at Harvard University demonstrated that people who ate chips daily added 2 lbs of fat to their bodies! 

They also pinpointed just what it is about chips that make this a bad food choice. And that’s particularly if you are looking to lose weight and belly fat. 

Chips already have a bad rep because of their saturated fat content. It’s is terrible for belly fat accumulation, not to mention the gobs of salt that promote bloating. 

But the real problem with chips is that they leave you feeling like you want just one more. That’s even a tagline of one popular company—you can’t have just one. So it really shouldn’t come as a surprise when all of a sudden you realize your bag of chips is completely empty!

So, cut out chips and you’re apt to lose a 1/2 lb of belly fat this year (even if you made no other dietary changes)!

Try This Instead: 

Ever heard of Beanitos? These delightfully spicy and crunchy snack is made from more wholesome beans. They are actually navy beans oil, and brown rice. 

They are sure to satisfy you far more than potato chips, saving you extra calories and saturated fat!

4. Pizza

Brace yourself. Pizza is the second biggest culprit when it comes to adding fat to the diet of most Americans. Yikes. 

It comes from the copious amounts of cheese consumed per slice. And as we’ve been discussing, saturated fat is particularly bad for belly fat. It’s the unhealthy fat’s favorite hangout, and that’s not a good thing, obviously! 

Even just one slice can blow your diet, as it contains half the amount of saturated fat you’re intended to eat per day! 

Try This Instead: 

Bruschetta to the rescue! Not only does it sound just as good to say as ‘pizza,’ but it’s savory and fancy. It’s Italian-seasoned, tomato flavor will surely satisfy your cravings without all the guilt. 

Need a recipe? Check out Maria Menounos’ favorite one, plus learn how she lost 40 lbs following the “75/25 rule!”

5. French Fries

This one should come as no surprise, seeing as how terrible its cousin—the chip—is in the fight to lose belly fat. Again, it’s the combo of fat, salt, and potato that does it. In a longitudinal study conducted by Harvard, this became pretty apparent. 

In their decade long study, those who ate fries regularly added more than 3 lbs to their frames every four years. 

If you think that’s bad, check this out—they added 13 lbs of belly flab over the entirety of the study! That should be enough to help you back away from the fryer…

Try This Instead: 

Sweet potatoes are an excellent stand-in for the traditional potato. And they make excellent homemade fries! 

Or maybe we should call them “bakes,” seeing as they don’t spend any time sizzling in fat. 

Simply cut into fry form, season it with salt and pepper, and coat lightly with coconut oil. And the use of coconut oil is key here. It contains healthy fat that’s way better for you and less likely to be stored in your gut. 

Once prepped, bake in a 350-degree oven until crisp. 

Avoid sweet potato fries when out to eat as it is likely deep fried in unhealthy oil. 

The Bottom Line

To recap—sugar, processed junk, loads of salt, and saturated fat—nope. Foods containing theses are only going to slow your loss of belly fat. 

Instead, experiment with the suggestions made here. Soon, you’ll take notice of how your tummy starts to look slimmer and feel better. 

The more results you obtain, the more likely you are to stick with it. And the faster you’ll see the weight and belly fat melt away.

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