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Body Shape Calculator

Discover your body shape and type with our Flat Tummy Diet body shape calculator. Enter your measurements and the body shape calculator will display your body shape.

Body Shape Calculator

What Is Your Body Shape?

Are you a curvaceous hourglass, straight rectangle, or bodacious triangle? Body shape or body type describes your female body and its resemblance in shapes.

There are four main body shapes: Hourglass, Rectangular, Triangle, and Downward Triangle. The body shape calculator below can determine your body shape using four measurements:

  • Bust
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • High Hips

If you don’t know your four measurements already, here is a quick how-to guide.

How to Take Your Measurements?

Taking your measurements.

What you need: a soft measuring tape, a pen, and notes

Bust: Take your soft measuring tape and measure at the fullest point of your bust. Make sure that the tape is not too tight by breathing in and out.

Waist: Wrap around your measuring tape around your waist. The waist is often the narrowest part of your torso. Don’t suck in your stomach, and your tape should be tight but not pulled in.

Hips: Take a measure of your hips at the widest point right where your pelvic bones sit. Remember to keep your feet together for accuracy.

High hip: High hip is another hip measurement taken at the highest part of your hip curve. Be sure to have your feet together when taking your high hip measurement.

What Is My Body Type?

This body shape calculator classifies your body type into one of the four most popular shapes. But not all women falling into one category are the same.

Most common female body shapes:

Apple (triangle downwards)

A woman with Apple body shape tends to have broader shoulders and bust than their hips.

Straight (rectangular)

A person with straight or rectangular body shape has the same bust and hips size. The waist is marginally smaller, giving a narrower curve.

Pear (triangle upwards)

The pear shape is someone who has broader hips than the bust.

Hourglass (triangles opposing, facing inwards)

Hourglass body shape has bust and hips being equal in size with a much narrower waist. This body type resembles hourglass and has most defined curves.

What do other women in the U.S. look like?

According to a study done on 6,000 women in 2005, here are the results:

  • Hourglass: 8% of women
  • Apple: 14 %
  • Pear: 20%
  • Straight: 46%

Find out your body shape using the calculator here.

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